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Non Repairable - Kanger T4S KR808D Clearomizer
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non, repairable, kanger, t4s, kr808d, clearomizer, e1622

Kanger T4S KR808D Clearomizer




Kanger T4S Clearomizer The Kanger T4S Clearomizer is a plastic disposable-type Clearomizer that features a 1.3mL tank, top coil design and it has a threaded mouthpiece. learomizers use a tank system that does not use any filler material and it con..

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RTA - ABOS S.S. Atomizer

rta, abos, s.s., atomizer, e1037

ABOS S.S. Atomizer




ABOS S.S. Atomizer Product Info: All high quality solid stainless steel 304 DIY Atomizer Air Control ..

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Non Repairable - X10 eCig Cartomizer

non, repairable, x10, ecig, cartomizer, e1640

X10 eCig Cartomizer




X10 eCig Cartomizer Strong cartomizer with capacity of 4.5ml. Product description: Tube material Inner: Pyrex, outside: High quality aluminum Resistance: 2.4ohm Volume: 4.5ml Net weight: About 32g Components: 510 Drip tips Color..

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Non Repairable - Gemini Clearomizer

non, repairable, gemini, clearomizer, e1479

Gemini Clearomizer




Gemini Clearomizer Gemini Clearomizer offers the taste closest to traditional tobacco without the taste of cold vapor ..

wires, &, cotton, ecig, resistance, wire, .16mm, 3m, e1639

eCig Resistance Wire 0.16mm 3m


eCig Resistance Wire 0.16mm 3m ..

wires, &, cotton, ecig, wick, 9m, e1638

eCig Wick 9m


eCig Wick thickness 1mm or 2.8mm or 3.5mm with 9m long ..

non, repairable, divino, cigar, cartomizer, e1212

Divino Cigar Cartomizer


Divino Cigar Cartomizer This 2ml cartomiser is part of rechargeable with USB cigar Divino Cigar offering strength, durability and pleasant taste. ..

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Non Repairable - eCig Terminator Tank TT2

non, repairable, ecig, terminator, tank, tt2, e1625

eCig Terminator Tank TT2




eCig Terminator Tank TT2 This eCig Terminator Tank TT2 operates together with eCig Terminator Adaptor. It has a repairable atomizer 1,9 ohm and consists of 3 parts: Base , Ceramic, Cone. Following are NOT included: Drip tip, Adaptor ..

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Non Repairable - Joye ECA (eVic C atomizer) TypeB

non, repairable, joye, eca, (evic, c, atomizer), typeb, e1256

Joye ECA (eVic C atomizer) TypeB




Joye ECA (eVic C atomizer) TypeB Joye ECA eVic C Atomizer TypeB (short tube) The Joyetech eVic ECA type B is made specifically to match the eVic with any thread 510 / ego. You can combine it with the evic Easy head. This kit contains: 3...

coil, heads, ecig, bcc, mega, clearomizer, head, e1067-22o

eCig BCC Mega Clearomizer Head


Replacement Coil Head eCig BCC Mega Clearomizer 2,2ohm. Extend the life eCig BCC Mega Clearomizer by replacing only the coil! It's easy to do. Follow these 4 steps: 1. Unscrew the bottom assembly from the tube. 2. Remove the old coil and..

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Non Repairable - eCig e-Pipe Carto 510

non, repairable, ecig, e-pipe, carto, 510, e1087-brw

eCig e-Pipe Carto 510




eCig e-Pipe Carto 510 The Atomiser is one of the operating parts of an electronic cigarette. The Atomiser heats the e-juice and turns it into vapour. Although this atomiser is built with the highest standards it is always a good idea to have at le..

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RDA - SS Dripper Atomizer

rda, ss, dripper, atomizer, e1243-18o

SS Dripper Atomizer




SS Dripper Atomizer SS Dripper Atomizer 1.8ohm and Spiral atomizer Two of the best atomizers for Dripping. Made in Greece by Leo from 304 stainless steel extremely durable. It takes pre-made coils set on ceramic base that combines performanc..

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Non Repairable - eCig BCC Mega Clearomizer

non, repairable, ecig, bcc, mega, clearomizer, e1062

eCig BCC Mega Clearomizer




eCig BCC Mega Clearomizer Introducing the new eCig BCC Mega Clearomizer from Joyetech. Holds 3.5ml liquid and comes in 2.5 and 1.8 Ohms. It's easy to do. Follow these 4 steps: Unscrew the bottom assembly from the tube. Remove the old co..

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Non Repairable - Dark UDCT Tank V2

non, repairable, dark, udct, tank, v2, e1630

Dark UDCT Tank V2




Dark UDCT Tank V2 The Dark UDCT Τank V2tank is the brand new tank system from SmokTech. The UDCT features a groove in a bottom of the tank to keep the cartomizer from spinning inside. Also the UDCT has a locking ring that screws on the bottom of ..

coil, heads, dct-2a, carto, spare, part, e1094-20o

DCT-2A Carto Spare part


DCT-2A Carto 2Ω Spare part 45mm ..

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Non Repairable - M1 Chock Cartomizer R6-3

non, repairable, m1, chock, cartomizer, r6-3, e1571

M1 Chock Cartomizer R6-3




M1 Chock Cartomizer R6-3 The M1 Chock cartomizer R6-3 is one of the operating parts of an electronic cigarette. The M1 Chock cartomizer heats the e-juice and turns it into vapour. Although this atomiser is built with the highest standards it is al..

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Non Repairable - Taphoo Mortar Cartomizer

non, repairable, taphoo, mortar, cartomizer, e1581-30o

Taphoo Mortar Cartomizer




Taphoo Mortar cartomizer Taphoo Mortar cartomizer at 2.8 Ohm easy to refill, great taste and huge vapor, 1.6ml bottom coil design features 2 x laser cut liquid feeding holes easy to refill. ..

wires, &, cotton, rba, coil, wick, .2ohm, e1634-22o

RBA Coil and Wick 2.2ohm


Ready Coil and Wick 2.2ohm for use in any RBA atomizer ..

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Coil Heads - Spare Part CE5 V2 Cartomizer

coil, heads, spare, part, ce5, v2, cartomizer, e1588-24o

Spare Part CE5 V2 Cartomizer




Spare Part CE5 V2 Cartomizer CE5 Coil Head with 1 Long wick 1.8-2.2 ohms. ..

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Non Repairable - eCig Forte Clearomiser 2.5ml

non, repairable, ecig, forte, clearomiser, .5ml, e1086

eCig Forte Clearomiser 2.5ml




eCig Forte Clearomiser 2.5ml This Clearomiser is ideal to have it in your bag just in case. The capacity and reliability will surprise you. The Atomizer is one of the operating parts of an electronic cigarette. The Atomizer heats the e-juice and t..

coil, heads, joyetech, nr, atomizer, head, c1, e1288

Joyetech NR Atomizer Head C1


Normal Resistance Atomizer Head for the Joyetech eCab, eRoll, eGo-C or ECA system 2.4 ohms. Price is per unit. ..

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Non Repairable - eCig Carto 510 Dual Coil

non, repairable, ecig, carto, 510, dual, coil, e1090

eCig Carto 510 Dual Coil




eCig Carto 510 Dual Coil  eCig Carto 510 Dual Coil 1.5ml, 45mm compatible with Ego or 510 Batteries. ..

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Coil Heads - DCT Dual Coil Carto Spare part

coil, heads, dct, dual, coil, carto, spare, part, e1093

DCT Dual Coil Carto Spare part




DCT Dual Coil Carto at 2 ohm and 2,6 ohm Spare part 45mm. This is a pre-cut 2ohm dual coil cartomizer designed to be used in Dual Coil Tank. ..

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