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Divino Cigar Rechargeable


u-Cigar Rechargeable Since the beginning of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars were very popular. This new u-Cigar, looks and tastes like a real cigar. The u-Cigar is the revolution the electronics rechargeable cigars giving the user the max..

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Starter kits - Jwell J MINI

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Jwell J MINI




Jwell J MINI J MINI™ is a very compact e-cigarette. The filling from the top and its micro USB connection make it a practical product and easy to use. However, it is just like a big one due to its BTC AIR coil, which offers an excellent flavour re..

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Kamrytech - K1000 Wooden e-Pipe Kit


K1000 Wooden e-Pipe kit Unique Feature for epipe k1000 ecig mechanical mod. Unquie E Pipe style. Matching 510 Threading,Varied Atomizer Available Like CE/eGo/Vivi Nova Series, X1, X8, x9. Hold on 18350 Battery 900mAh capacity Specifications ..

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Jwell Suprabox


Jwell Supra 180W Discover Supra and its power of 180 watts ! Entirely electronic, furnished with temperature control on resistance wires NI200 or Titanium, taste the pleasure of a vape with no dry hit. Its innovative design makes it an object of d..

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Starter kits - Jwell Inova

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Jwell Inova




Jwell Inova What a magnificent evolution! INOVA pulls out the best of design to offer a colourful and a beautiful effect. Additionally, its unique filling system and rapid change of tank make it the ideal daily electronic cigarette. Product fea..

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Starter kits - Joyetech eGo One CT Kit
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Joyetech eGo One CT Kit




Joyetech eGo One Kit  Mega Equipped with Joyetech Constant Temperature technology, eGo ONE CT, presents you with CT-Ti (Titanium)/CT-Ni (Nickel 200)/CW mode in five fashionable colors, which enables you to have various options of atomize..

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Mod Sets - eCom Supreme Mod Battery Set

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eCom Supreme Mod Battery Set




eCom Supreme Mod Battery Set The Joyetech eCom Supreme Mod Battery Set contains: 1 x 2200mAh Battery with OLED display 1 x Micro-USB Cable 1.5m 1 x USB Power adapter 220V 1A Fast-charging power 1 x User manual eCom Supreme  1 x Warrant..

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4nine Clone Mod


4nine Clone Mod Mod 4nine Clone Description: Floating Firing Button Self Telescopic Adjusting Battery Comes with standard 18350 tube and 18500/18650 extension tubes There is no 510 pin in the top cap Atomizer will connect directly to t..

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Mod Sets - Stingray Clone Mod

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Stingray Clone Mod




Stingray Clone Mod  ..

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Starter kits - eCig BCC CT Kit

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eCig BCC CT Kit




eCig BCC CT Kit A very reliable and economical electronic cigarette that will leave you satisfied with the rich vapor and ease of use. The product comes with a battery of your choice in beautiful colors and a lanyard. This kit contains: 2..

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Starter kits - Joyetech eMode VV Kit

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Joyetech eMode VV Kit




Joyetech eMode VV kit eMode is named after its feature of multi-mode in function and simple mode in appearance. It boasts a newly designed atomizer head, which is the second generation of Joyetech atomizer head. The 360-degree regulation makes it ..

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Starter kits - Bonnair eGoT LCD Starter Kit
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Bonnair eGoT LCD Starter Kit




Bonnair eGoT LCD Starter Kit Introducing the new revolution of e-cigarettes by Bonnair. The Bonnair eGoT LCD Starter Kit is the new model for BONNAIR. The new Bonnair eGoT LCD Starter Kit system is different than other electronic cigarettes series..

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Starter kits - ABOS LSK Cartomizer Set

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ABOS LSK Cartomizer Set




ABOS LSK Cartomizer Set The Abos lsk cartomizer set is modern and sophisticated. Fascinate yourself and those around you by using this stylish jewelry! For users who want to carefree leaks holding an electronic cigarette full of style. The pack co..

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