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Ultimate by A&L Ragnarok Legend Sweet Edition 30ml Flavor


The iconic fruit concentrate, now heightened to legendary status.

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The iconic fruit concentrate, now heightened to legendary status.
Embark on a new adventure led by the brave men of the North. Strong from the reputation of their Ragnarok leader, they've decided to raise him to a legendary status. The master of the Ultimate kingdom becomes the Ragnarok Legend. The latter created a different recipe from his usual berry blend, by adding an unexpected dash of exoticism. Worry not, this nectar is still as fresh as ever. You'll find a dominant taste of blackcurrant, complemented by a handful of blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and redcurrants. What sets this recipe apart from the normal Ragnarok is the carefully selected pineapple that's added to it. The result is a surprising yet mesmerising blend of flavours.
A tropical wind blows over the Northern lands.
This concentrate is to be dosed at 5%, ie. 27 drops for 10mL of e-liquid. With its steep time of only two days, this concentrate is a must-have of the Ultimate range!


This product is a concentrated flavor. Please make sure you mix it with a base liquid before vaping.

Liquid characteristics
Flavor (%) 5%

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