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Misty Red (Strawberry) 50ml - FYT


Unique aroma and fresh taste of the enticing Strawberry Fragaria Vesca. A perennial herbaceous plant which form many shoots, giving us gently fragrance ideal for the e-liquid smoke.

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ECig Hellas Frees Your Taste in e-liquids!

Combine your flavor with the desired nicotine content, while saving up to 40%.


Select the nicotine grade of the final product you want, according to the following table:


Free You Taste consist of:

- Concentrated 25ml aroma in a 100ml bottle
- A separate bottle that contains 25ml of vegetable glycerine (no nicotine)

Nicotine Boosters needed! Boosters should be purchased separately, depending on the desired nicotine grade of your final e-liquid.

All you have to do is empty the bottles of vegetable glycerin and those of the boosters in the perfume bottle. Then, shake well.

Please note:

1. When selecting high nicotine degrees, the aroma is weakened due to dilution. If you wish, you can enhance it by adding a few drops of concentrated liquid, you can find in the Related Products section below.
2. The products of Free Your Taste series are available in 100ml bottles with 25ml of flavor and 25ml of VG zero nicotine (0%).
3. The boosters contain 10ml with 20mg/ml (2.0%) nicotine

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