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Tobacco Maxx-Blend - FYT 50ml/100ml


Tobacco Maxx-Blend was inspired by American blends. Acres of this fine tobacco growing in the sun which produces a rich tobacco flavour.

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ECig Hellas Frees Your Taste in e-liquids!

Combine now the flavor of your choice with the desired nicotine content, while saving up to 40%.

Free Your Taste Shortfills is 50ml flavor concentrate in a 100ml bottle.

Add base with or without nicotine so that you have 100ml of e-liquid with the nicotine percentage of your choice!

1. Select the nicotine percentage of the final eliquid you want:

2. Add to the 100ml bottle the boosters and the Glycerin / Propylene glycol you want.
3. Seal the 100ml bottle and shake well!
4. Your e-liquid is ready to use. Alternatively, you can let it mature for 4-5 days.

1. When choosing high nicotine levels, the aroma weakens due to dilution. If you want, you can enhance it by adding a few drops of concentrated flavor that you will find in the relevant products below.
2. You should buy nicotine boosters separately, depending on the nicotine content you want your final liquid to have.

This product is not ready to use as is. This product is a concentrated flavour and should be diluted with a base liquid (with or without nicotine) before using in an electronic cigarette.

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