Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA Atomizer

Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA Atomizer

When you care for your customers, you have to be a good listener.

Innokin knows that well and does whatever it takes to get their audience fully satisfied. Therefore, Ares 2 vape tank by Innokin, Philip Busardo & Vapingreek is here; ready to fulfill the vapers’ desire.

Ares 2 MTL RTA

For the time being, the launch colors of the Ares 2 are Silver & Black - we hope to receive additional colors soon.

History has shown that Innokin give their best to respond to their customers’ requests. As such, vapers all over the world will receive two different versions of the new Innokin Ares MTL RTA. The first one features a 22 mm diameter and 2ml liquid capacity, whereas the second has a width at about 24 mm diameter and 5ml e-liquid capacity. In that way, you’ll be able to get the Ares 2 in Silver or Black in the 24 mm version or in the 22 mm version.

With that being said, let’s dive in, so we can see together what you get when buying your new vape atomizer: On top of each Box, you can view the color and the diameter of the Atomizer, while on the two sides you can see the characteristic signatures of the famous Platform Series designers: Philip Busardo & Dimitris Agrafiotis (Vapingreek). On the back, you can mark the Package Contents and of course the Scratch & Check authenticity sticker.

Okay, so now let’s drill down into some more of the nuts and bolts of this all-inclusive pack:

Packing List

Α “Thank you <3” for your purchase card is waiting for you. In addition, through scanning the QR Code, on the same card, you can have access to a collection of tutorial videos being produced directly from P. Busardo - one of the two creators of Innokin’s Platform Series - that help you work with build, setup & atomizer use.

If you already have used the original Innokin Ares, you will probably know that we are talking about an all-inclusive kit. Specifically, you are going to receive a bunch of helpful stuff in three bags:

  • Innokin Vape Band
  • Replacement Smoked Glass Tank
  • Extra Colored O-Rings
  • Curved Drip Tip - one w/ child locking feature (black), one without (silver)
  • Silicone Fill Port Seal
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Two Pre-Built 1 Ω Kanthal Coils
  • 1 m 26g Kanthal Wire
  • Replacement Flat Screws
  • Dual use Screwdriver
  • Phil’s Build Tool
  • Dimitris’ Build Tool
  • A Fold out Menu that shows you how to use

Cross Airflow Controller

Changes & New Features

1. New, improved top cap with better seals to prevent liquid and air seepage

2. Νow you are given the ability to remove the top cap and replace the silicone top fill seal if required (see full tutorial video directly from P. Busardo).

3. Childproof top cap that prevents the top from opening in your pocket or your purse (optional, 2 types of mouthpiece w/ or without).

4. Available in the original 24 mm - 5ml version & now in 22 mm - 2ml version

5. New, fancy design at the bottom of the tank helps you adjust the airflow easily and grab onto to open it and work on your build.

6. Clickable detents with better seals and an extra (5 air holes now) 0.8 mm air hole offers a tighter and proper MTL draw.

7. Closed liquid channels with bell thread for easier wick placement. Now you can set your cotton without having to wet it first.

8. The new Cross Airflow Controller (CAFC - the internal controller), underneath the coil, gives you full adjustability of the air velocity and draw tightness. No inserts, extra pins, or coil movement needed. You can control the air pattern underneath the coil easily and quickly. You have endless fine-tuning possibilities without removing the coil.

9. Ability for single hole selection plus the well known large openning on the airflow ring.

Like the original Ares, you have the ability to work on your build without having to empty your tank first and we still have the two liquid barriers, designed to keep the cotton off of the airflow to prevent any leaking into the airflow

The Build

As we’ve already mentioned, Innokin equips its audience with tools needed for making the perfect build. Phil’s Build Tool will help you create your coil (spaced or touching) in an easy & quick way, whereas Dimitris’ tool will give you the ability to create exclusively spaced coils.

Impress yourself and others with your building skills, even if it is your first time.

Once the coil has been created, time has come to sit it in our atomizer. With the coil centered over the airflow, tighten the screws and that’s it, you have the perfect build.

Notice: When using Dimi’s tool, obviously you cannot pull the tool out. What you need to do, is simply unscrew it

Tip: Push your coil down a little bit - not too much - to make sure it is a little bit closer to the airflow.

Once you have set your coil, you’ll need to trim the leads in a way that makes sure they do not touch the bell (we don’t like



  1. Get a section of your favorite cotton and make a pointy end.
  2. Then put it through the coil and pull it through the other side. Make sure that it feels nice & firm - not too loose, not too tight.
  3. Trim your cotton and set it in the wick channels.
  4. The perfect point to trim your cotton is just a little above the bottom of the atomizer. For the ultimate performance, try not to touch the bottom nor leave too much space. You want the cotton to sit in the liquid appropriately.

How much cotton?

It depends on the viscosity of your e-liquid. A few experimental builds may be required in this step, especially if you are new in the Vaping era! Now, take your cotton and put it into the wick channels. One thing you should pay attention to, is to make sure that cotton is not that dense in the wick channel.

Too much density is going to make it choke and it is not going to allow for sufficient wicking. The last check we want to do to achieve the perfect wicking is to make sure that we fan our cotton out a little bit, so it isn’t just one clumpy piece of cotton coming out.

Can you realize the benefit of this design as opposed to the open channels?

With the open channels, you have to get your cotton leads wet to make sure that they sit in there and stay in there (perfect for traveling when you do not want to have your atomizers full). With the Ares 2, you can pre build as well as wick your tank without having to fill it with ejuice.

You can prime your cotton with your favorite e-Liquid and enjoy your new Atomizer INNOKIN ARES 2!

All You Need is Balance

It is well-known within the vaping community that Ares has always been an atomizer about Balance.

Innokin has managed to combine a really MTL Vape quality with a super easy use into an all-inclusive kit that comes with everything to get you started.

Whether you are an experienced builder or somebody that just got started and wants to explore building,

Ares 2 Tank is going to be a great kit for you as well.

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