EU poll shows that TPD is ineffective and hints tougher laws.

The latest EU Eurobarometer,survey shows that the highly unpopular Tobacco Directive failed to reduce smoking rates in the continent one year after its implementation and probably contributed to defamation of electronic cigarettes. In a questionnaire of 28,000 people across the European Union, it emerged that the proportion of the smokers' population is at 26% from 2014. This report calls it "steady" recording, thus degrading the fact that it is in fact proof of complete failure policy on tobacco control.

Even it has emerged that the Netherlands has the most negative view of electronic cigarettes, with 85% of its citizens believing it to be harmful. The Italians are the most positive about electronic cigarettes, with only 34% believing it to be harmful, while in the United Kingdom the figure is 50%.

Worryingly, the report says that many people like to see the ban on exposure of tobacco products and apply from their current antismoke laws extend to steam products and electronic cigarettes. The European Union is planning to revise the TPD in 2019 or 2020 and will be tempted to add these prohibitions in the renewed version.

Academics Americans discover that the prohibitions in promoting electronic cigarette smoking during pregnancy.

Two US researchers published a new study which shows that the prohibition of the electronic cigarette indoors causes a significant increase in the number of pregnant women who smoke during pregnancy. In a study of records of births to seven million Americans, the University Michael Cooper of California Santa Barbara and Michael Pesko of Weill Cornell University, found that the anti-atmistikoi laws that impose the ban on the use of electronic cigarette indoors are resulting percentage of smokers larger by 2% than usual. Previous studies have hinted the same result but with the new data shows that this figure is double that believed.

It has also been shown that the prohibition on selling products steamer in people under 18 years causes a significant increase in the percentage of smokers among young people. It followed that even a sensitive population group frequently targeted by the policy on tobacco control, in fact harmed by excessive zeal and wrong regulations.

The prohibition of flavors was rejected in the County of Alameda.

The County of Alaminos, one of the local governments in the Bay Area which is trying at present to impose a ban on all aromatic liquid electronic cigarettes, suffered defeat on Monday, when the City Council rejected the proposed law (banning aromatic fluids ) and sent him back to the rules committee. The Alaminos wants to ban the sale of all aromatic tobacco products within the County, and thanks to the definition given by the FDA for fluid replenishment, they fall under the prohibition. What legislators appear not realize is that such laws prohibit the sale of all liquid electronic cigarette refill making it more difficult to access a safer alternative and harming local businesses Show original.

Meanwhile, the St Lawrence County in New York just voted against a proposal to raise the age limit from which one can buy steamer products and tobacco products from 18 years to 21. Eleven of the fifteen members of the Board rejected the law which had been heavily criticized by local shops. 

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