Joyetech Cuboid Lite

Joyetech Cuboid Lite
Τhe Joyetech Cuboid Lite is the newest «box» of Cuboid series. But the miniature dimensions of imitating game so I would say more like lego.

The designit is beautiful with rounded corners.

The package includes charging cable and user manual.


At a glance:

Size: 67Χ41Χ26mm
weight: 143.0g
Μonitor: color TFT 1.45 inch

Battery: Built 3000mAh
Maximum charge current: 2.0 Α

Power Output: 1-80W
Maximum current output: 30 A

Maximum output voltage: 9V
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm in temperature functions, 0.1-3.5ohm functions Power/Bypass
Temperature Control: 100-315°C/ 200-600°F
Other features: Real Time Clock, upgraded firmware


The button takes up the entire side of the device and has a very good feeling with a light click. Suits or pressing with the thumb or trigge.

The display is in color and huge.
The menu selections are made with the buttons at the bottom of the screen.


It is slightly smaller than the Pico and well below thanthe Primo Mini.


It has almost the same dimensions as theCubox, but the Cubox essentially mechanicalmod with electronic protections. In the same area managed by Joyetech to squeeze an excellent electronic board and a large color screen.


To 145gr not all heavy when the average is 160gr.

Who tried evaporators (about twenty) screw terminal and without trouble Lite. According to Joyetech wearing the new redesigned connector which receives deep atomizers 510 pin 4.0-5,5mm.


On the left with the joy KFL+out ofmm and right to Procore out of 25mm.

The thickness of Lite is 26mm so theoretically there is no vaporizer from the edges. So it is, but because the corners are rounded at the top is essentially 23mm and the thickest atomizers will protrude a little from the surface.


According to the specifications fast charging with 2A. The organaki shows 1.7a and charging is completed in 2:15 hours.

At the end of the charging indicator is 3500mAh ie well above what it promisesJoyetech. Eventually the battery is one of the strong trump of Lite.

Compared toPrimo Mini + Sony VTC6 gives the 15W almost the same or slightly better autonomy. But the built-in LiPO of Cuboid shows teeth difficult. At 40W,Lite has 18% more autonomy.

It is striking that the battery dies like trees. Upright. The battery indicator blurs, flashes and tries to convince you to charge it. But the power remains 40W even on the last press before removing the Battery Low Lock.

In contrast,thePrimo Mini will send message Weak Battery and begin to lower the strength below 40W. Up to this point was the autonomy comparison.The Primo it gives another 200sec vaping, but basically you can not steaming with such low power. The message Battery Low Lock It comes when the power has fallen to 2.4W!


An additional security has been added to Cuboid Lie: The temperature monitoring.

The temperature while charging reached 42οC. Τhe manual states that if the temperature exceeds 45oC out warning message if exceed 50oC stops charging until the temperature drops back below 45oC.I tried to warm up during charging with a blow dryer and actually sends message Battery too hot. I charging normally continued when the temperature dropped.

So if you smell something burnt while charging the mod, you probably eating burned


In the known firmware of Joyetech added a new feature. Nicotine intake.

The user defines the nicotine menu is fluid. The display comes a smiling face if you overdo it becomes sad.

The algorithm takes into account the MG nicotine, the power and the time we vape or do not vape (let's not forget that it has a real-time clock).


Another new feature firmware It is the Power Restriction. We can define a maximum power for a range of resistances. If we are overcome this force will come a message asking if you really want to steaming in these Watts.

In the above illustration, for example, if we resistor 1h and move 20W the message will come out because we have set a maximum power of 15 W.

Those who have eaten burnt when changing pulmonary /vapeπνευμονικού/τσιγαρίσιου ατμοποιητή    because they forgot to cut the power, will recognize the usefulness of this option.



In the video control resistance reading accuracy and streams.


Not doing bad at all and it is impressive the stability of power from the beginning to the end of puff something that certainly applies to most boards Joyetech.


Concluding the Cuboid Lite is a very remarkable mod withcompact dimensions ideal for distinctive appearances



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