ECig Hellas opens the doors of its laboratories

ECig Hellas was founded with the primary and overarching goal of producing and producing liquid refill and condensed perfume for electronic cigarette.

For years, the steamers have been delivering excellent quality liquid, exclusively with high purity components, which meet all the requirements of the European Directive 2014/40 / EU.

To ensure the quality and durability of safe products, eCig Hellas works with the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology of the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Patras, where all chemical analyzes of fluid replacement are carried out.

Very early, from 2012, analyzes, certifications and laboratory studies at our own initiative and enough expenses, did the following:

  • Skylab Med ( raw material analyzes and ready-made replacement fluids)
  • Group MG Germany (Liquid Replenishment and Steam Analysis)
  • University of Thessaly , Department of Biochemistry
  • Univercity of Crete, Department of Toxicology,

In September 2013, we moved in court and won the CoE against National Organization for Medicines and the earliest vertical ban on Electronic Cigarette across the Greek Territory!

Our major successes have been added to the decision of the CoE, which has given us the right to trial to National Organization for Medicines.

Αthens 13-9-2013 Council of State. the decision of the National Organization for Medicines is no longer valid

Update: The National Organization for Medicines of 25 July 2008 banning all nicotine-containing products sold by electronic cigarette, is no longer valid, according to a recent decision of the Council of State.  

All our products - refill fluids, concentrated perfumes, devices - have a complete envelope in:

  • Measurements of nicotine content
  • Measurements of the content of metals, aldehydes and nitroasamines in steam
  • Compliance with existing legislation (REACH / CLP) on the classification and labeling of chemicals
  • Registration in the National Register of Chemicals Products
  • CE declarations of conformity and complete envelopes with the technical characteristics for electrical equipment.
  • Safety and stability study under normal use conditions.

Replacement fluids and all electronic cigarettes are notified to the European EUCEG system set up to implement Directive 2014/40 of the European Parliament.

From the chemical analyzes we assure that the eCig Hellas replacement fluids are free of diacetyl, acetaldehyde, KMT properties and no nitrosamines detected according to the detection limits.

All liquids from eCig Hellas are manufactured in special facilities, with proprietary chemistry, under the supervision and supervision of scientists.

Excellently trained personnel undertake material checks and uninterrupted line tracking from picking up and preparation to packing and storage. 


The main concern of the company is not just the promotion of products but the integrated provision of services, in order to ensure a perfect service.

Everyday we strive with passion for customer service, giving attention to detail.

That is why we provide full technical support to our specially-equipped technical unit at the first official Joyetech Service Center in Europe.

Here you will find the widest variety of high quality and durable technical components.

Highly skilled technicians, highly trained, in constant communication with the service centers of the largest manufacturers in the world, are always available to eCig Hellas partners ready to provide solutions.

Experience the fastest and most effective service experience! 

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