Digiflavor Siren 2

Repairable airborne pulmonary atomizers have flooded the market.
For lovers of tight but searing puff options are very limited and usually come from Greek or European manufacturers in savory prices that often exceed 100 €. The Siren 2 came to fill this gap.

The package contains the atomizer, replacement glass, screwdriver, 2 resistors, extra o-rings and screws.  Instruction manual.


At a glance

Height: 41.5mm

Diameter: 22mm

Capacity: 2ml


It consists of very few pieces. The threads show quality with good fit.


The way of replacement is for a seminar. The lid fits into the specially designed slot. Turning to the right by 1/4 seals hermetically or unlocks if we turn left Replenishment is a play without complicated mechanisms.


The deck is large and comfortable and the setting of the resistors is very easy. It can work with very thick wires although I think that in the atomizer 's philosophy most fit the minutes with low power.

There are 3 air intakes underneath the resistance to hit it all the way for maximum steam and taste performance


We soak the cotton to sit on the chalks and cut it so that it does not crawl down to the base.


In use

It's amazing!

There are 10 different air settings and everyone will find the puff that suits it.
The puff is soft, rich, tight and can be made to semi-pulmonary.
Written speech can not adequately render the excellent taste it gives.
It is completely silent.
It fills up easily and has absolutely no leakage
Not even humidity in the air intake..
Set up is playful
The price is affordable.
What else to ask for?



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