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Participation eCig Hellas first Vapexpro - July 2017

Participation eCig Hellas first Vapexpro - July 2017

Joyetech Cuboid Lite

Joyetech Cuboid Lite
Τhe Joyetech Cuboid Lite is the newest «box» of Cuboid series. But the miniature dimensions of imitating game so I would say more like lego.

13.3% of Greek teenagers aged 13 to 15 are smokers

At least one in teenager 13-15 years old in the world (rate of almost 11%) is a smoker, according to a new international survey.
Researchers at the Center for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) of the US, led by epidemiologist Rene Aratsola, according to the Reuters agency, analyzed data for 61 countries from the period 2012-15.

EU poll shows that TPD is ineffective and hints tougher laws.

The latest EU Eurobarometer,survey shows that the highly unpopular Tobacco Directive failed to reduce smoking rates in the continent one year after its implementation and probably contributed to defamation of electronic cigarettes. In a questionnaire of 28,000 people across the European Union, it emerged that the proportion of the smokers' population is at 26% from 2014. This report calls it "steady" recording, thus degrading the fact that it is in fact proof of complete failure policy on tobacco control.

Joyetech eVic Primo Mini (eCig e-Box Mini 80W)

The new Joyetech eVic Primo mini , which our company introduces with the branding "eCig e-Box Mini 80W", is the successor of the best sellers eVic VT mini and eVic vTwo in the small size category with an 18650 battery and power of up to 80 watts.

Constant Power discharge – 18650 Comparison Test

Batteries are devices that store energy and release it back according to our needs. Every manufacturer aims to build cells with large capacity and enough current to power heavy loads.
In order to check the capacity and power of cells we usually use 3 types of load:
1. Constant Current load (amps)
2. Constant Resistance load (ohm)
3. Constant Power load (watt)

A new study is closer than ever to the proof that electronic cigarette is not as dangerous as smoking.

He spent a decade since electronic cigarettes have appeared on the market.
Since then, the popularity soared to the heights, with nearly 3 million adults to use in Great Britain today. But this rapid popularity and the ability of these devices to help people quit smoking, had to face some challenges. The largest of these is that the investigations into their safety had to carry out race to be timely.

The Government of New Zealand legalizes electronic cigarette!

The Government of New Zealand today announced that it will change the law to legalize the sale of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine. These products legally sold within the next year.

Participation eCig Hellas in the VAPEXPO & Vape Trade Expo!

Participation Ecig Hellas in two of the largest exhibitions in the world, VAPEXPO (4-5 March) Vape Trade Expo (18-19 March)!

Consumption tax on electronic cigarette replacement fluids (since 1.1.2017)

From 01.01.2017 is in force, the new excise tax, which includes the liquid electronic cigarette replacement products.

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