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Public Health England: Electronic cigarette is 95% safer than normal!

Electronic cigarette is 95% safer than normal!
According to a study by the British Ministry of Health, electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than tobacco and should be promoted as an ancillary tool for stopping smoking. Smoking is safer than smoking and could lead to the collapse of traditional cigarettes, according to the Department of Public Health (PHE), in the first official recognition that electronic cigarettes are less harmful to health than tobacco consumption.

Problem with Subtank and other atomizers 510

Problem with Subtank and other atomizers 510.
If your atomizer does not fit perfectly or leaves a vacuum by screwing it onto your battery, there is a solution.

Atomizer cleaning

Tips on how to clean your atomizer!

Joyetech eVic-VT Operation Sounds

EVic-VT has some characteristic sounds in operation. Thesesounds are very low in volume, and can typically only be detected by holding thedevice close to the ear.

Chronic of collaboration eCig Hellas & Joyetech

ECig Hellas, collaborating with Joyetech, is in daily communication with both engineers and other production department managers. We often avoid publishing photos or even referring to typical models that are at an early stage of design, or even in the latest tests.

Why are e-Cigs better than Analogue Cigarettes?

Many wonder what the main differences are between electronic cigarettes and analogue cigarettes.
Electronic cigarettes do not contain the thousands of chemical-toxic substances in tobacco which is found in traditional cigarettes. A normal cigarette contains many chemicals such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Acetone, Arsenic, Hydrogen Cyanide and many more. An analogue contains just over 4000 other chemicals to be exact.

How to Repair your eVic Head

Joyetech eCom converter to 510-eGo has more uses... Are your 510 threads on your MOD gone?We have a solution for this problem. To see the product Press here.

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene Glycol used in electronic cigarettes is a colorless liquid with a sweet, thick and sticky texture.
Propylene Glycol used in food and cosmetics are safe for humans and environmentally friendly. It is the substance that helps to dissolve the aromatic ingredients contained in electronic cigarette e-juice and with the help of an atomiser that provides heat and simulates cigarette smoke.

Joyetech eGo-C Beware of imitations

Beware of imitation!
As we all know, Joyetech is the leading e-cigarette manufacturer worldwide and is recognized for producing superior quality products for many years now. Lately we have been receiving reports of an alarming escalation of fake Joyetech products that are being sold on the market.

The Advantages of using an e-cigarette

The Advantages of using an e-cigarette!

A. The electronic cigarette contains no harmful chemicals, unlike a traditional cigarette.

B. It is much cheaper than traditional cigarettes, when you consider that a pack of 20 cigarettes costing around 3-8 € across Europe.

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