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Jwell BTC R SS AIR Atomizer head Jwell Jwell BTC R SS (Stainless Steel) AIR Ohms : 0.5 / 1.0 / 1.6 Ohm Pin: Gold plated Finishing: Stainless steel & Fiber Freaks Airflow : XL Price is for one piece. Compatible Tanks: Jwell J M..

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Jwell Odeon V2 Atomizer


Jwell Odeon V2 atomizer Looking for more taste? With the conception of the bell, the restitution of flavour is increased and the tasting session makes a whole lot more sense. The new system of solid plot (?) in stainless steel along with the centr..

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Jwell Atlas V2 Atomizer Black Edition

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Jwell Atlas V2 Atomizer Black Edition




Jwell Atlas V2 Atomizer Black Edition The stylish and high technology ATLAS was designed for all 510 standard MODs, and specifically lines up with SWORD, the first J WELL MOD. It guarantees a high level of performance thanks to its WMAX XL or W..

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Jwell J MINI

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Jwell J MINI




Jwell J MINI J MINI™ is a very compact e-cigarette. The filling from the top and its micro USB connection make it a practical product and easy to use. However, it is just like a big one due to its BTC AIR coil, which offers an excellent flavour re..

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Jwell WMAX 2


Jwell WMAX 2 Atomizer head Jwell Jwell WMAX 2 1.8ohm. Price is for one piece. Compatible Tanks: Jwell Atlas mini Kanger EVOD Kanger Protank Kanger Protank mini Kanger Protank 2 Kanger Unitank Kanger Unitank mini ..

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Jwell RBA Strada


Jwell RBA Strada Repairable atomizer head Jwell RBA for Strada ..

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Jwell BCS Strada


Jwell BCS Strada Atomizer head Jwell BCS Strada in 0.5, 0.2ohm & Fiber freaks Ni200 Price is for one piece. ..

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Jwell BTC AIR BTC AIR versions   0.5Ohm: 12 W to 35W (recommended: 15W to 35W) 1.0Ohm: 12W to 30W (recommended: 15W to 25W) 1.6Ohm Ni200 Vertical Coil (Kanthal) Organic Cotton (Fiber Freaks) Pin: Gold plated Airflow : L..

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Jwell Atlas Mini Atomizer


Jwell Atlas Atomizer The MINI ATLAS doesn't have to envy its big brother with its Coil WMAX2. This small Pyrex atomizer, 14mm in diameter, will fit perfectly to your eGo sized battery Product features Airflow Control Clearomizer: Top fi..

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Jwell Suprabox


Jwell Supra 180W Discover Supra and its power of 180 watts ! Entirely electronic, furnished with temperature control on resistance wires NI200 or Titanium, taste the pleasure of a vape with no dry hit. Its innovative design makes it an object of d..

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Jwell Inova

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Jwell Inova




Jwell Inova What a magnificent evolution! INOVA pulls out the best of design to offer a colourful and a beautiful effect. Additionally, its unique filling system and rapid change of tank make it the ideal daily electronic cigarette. Product fea..

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Jwell Inova atomizer (5 pcs)


Jwell Inova atomizer (5 pcs) Filling your Inova 1,2. EASY CLIP :Turn the drip-tip with a quarter turn. 3. Pull on the drip-tip to free the opening of the tank. 4. Fill the tank by pouring the e-juice along the sides. 5. Reposition the drip-t..

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Jwell ILine Atomizer


Jwell ILine Atomizer Filling your ILINE 1.ILINE uses a clearomizer with an integrated MAGNET SYSTEM. Pull the drip tip to access the tank, and then take the clearomizer out to easy refill. 2.Remove the silicon cap to open the tank. 3.Pour the..

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