Reward Points

With each order you make at eCig Hellas you get reward points.
These points are being stored in your account and can be exchanged in your next order as a discount, even at 100% of its value if you have enough reward points.

How to collect Points:
Each and every product you buy rewards you with reward points, except for the sale / offer / reduced price products. For every €1 buy you get 1 point. For example, if you buy products worth €150 you get 150 reward points that are equivalent to €15 discount in the total value.

How to keep track of your available reward points:
Via the account menu at, choose the menu option “Reward Points”. On this page, you will see detailed information on your purchases and the corresponding reward points.

How to use your points:
It is mandatory to have an account at in order to use and collect reward points.

  1. Before you place your order make sure logged in to your account, you can login to your account by selecting menu “login” on the top right of the website.
  2. After you have completed the selection of the desired products of purchase choose “View Cart” in the pop-up menu in the top right corner.
  3. In the open page, if you have available reward points it’ll give you the “Use points” option and will show you the available amount of your reward points (1)
  4. Shows the total amount of points that are rewarded from the order (2), in section (3) you may enter the number of available points you wish to use and select “Apply Points”.
  5. The System will calculate the discount and will apply it to the total cost of your order (before tax).

How reward points are calculated:
After you have successfully completed a purchase the points will automatically be stored in your account and will be available for use in your next purchase.

Who is eligible for reward points:
Reward points are valid only for retail purchases through our e-shop from customers that have a created a valid account at
Customers purchasing as “guests” are not eligible.

Further Clarifications
The reward points system was introduced on 22/6/2016 and is valid only for retail orders placed after the aforementioned date. All order previous to 22/6/2016 won’t be rewarded any points.
Reward points are credited in your account every time an order is completed and paid.
Reward points are account specific and cannot be transferred to other persons or accounts.
Reward points are available only for online orders and only via a valid “customer account”. Orders made as a “visitor”, email or via telephone do not have reward points.
Our online shop does not redeem reward points automatically unless the customer himself chooses to do so, this can happen during the checkout procedure and are manually set by the customer.
Reward points are not credited with special price products.
In case an order is returned or canceled the reward points of that order will be lost and automatically removed from your account.