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JustFog - MiniFit Kit


Just Fog - MiniFit Kit Justfog Minifit Vape Pod Kit is super portable, compact vape pod for easy to carry. Powered by an internal 370mAh battery as well as battery Protection Funtions. Minifit Kit is crafted with high-quality Polycarbonate constru..

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JustFog - MiniFit Pod Tank


JustFog - MiniFit Pod (1 Piece) Replacable pod for JustFog MiniFit ..

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Justfog Atomizer Head 14/16 Series


Replaceable coil for Justfog atomizers...

atomizer, parts, justfog, c601, replacement, pod, e2966

Justfog C601 Replacement Pod


Replacement pod 1.7ml / 1.6Ohm for Justfog C601...

pods, systems, justfog, c601, starter, kit, 650mah, e2793

JUSTFOG C601 Starter Kit 650mAh


Αfter Minifit's enormous success, JustFog introduces the C601 which is another Pod device with unique usability and performance features. The C601 is very small but very easy to operate. The presence of a rotating support allows the device to be su..

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Justfog p14A


The new minimal Starter kit from Just Fog is here!Extremely small in its dimensions and uniquely usable in operation, this device can also accommodate all the Just Fog 14 atomizers internally. The total length of the battery of the device is only 62...

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