Herb Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are devices used to heat and inject the active ingredients of tobacco, herbs or other mixtures.
They are separated into those suitable for dry herbs and those suitable for herbs in waxy form.
It is an alternative to smoking that prevents the consumption of many of the harmful and toxic substances of the conventional cigarette.
There is no burning of tobacco or paper, so they provide a clean and invariant flavor. They also minimize passive smoking.
They look and function like vaping devices but they are not suitable for use with e-liquids.

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VIVANT VLeaF dry herb vaporizer


VIVANT VLeaF dry herb vaporizer VLeaF is a powerful yet versatile pen-style leaf vaporizer that hits harder than devices ten times the price! With 45 Watts of power, it can achieve your desired temperature within 30 seconds. Five temperatures ad..

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Herb Vaporizers - Joye e-Herb Kit 2300mAh
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Joye e-Herb Kit 2300mAh




Joye e-Herb Kit 2300mAh The Joye e-Herb Kit 2300mAh vaporizer pen is a portable vape pen designed for use with dry herb blends.  Functions: Short circuit protection Low voltage protection Atomizer protection Resistance exa..

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