Constant Power discharge – 18650 Comparison Test

Batteries are devices that store energy and release it back according to our needs. Every manufacturer aims to build cells with large capacity and enough current to power heavy loads.
In order to check the capacity and power of cells we usually use 3 types of load:
1. Constant Current load (amps)
2. Constant Resistance load (ohm)
3. Constant Power load (watt)

Problem with Subtank and other atomizers 510

Problem with Subtank and other atomizers 510.
If your atomizer does not fit perfectly or leaves a vacuum by screwing it onto your battery, there is a solution.

Atomizer cleaning

Tips on how to clean your atomizer!

Joyetech eVic-VT Operation Sounds

EVic-VT has some characteristic sounds in operation. Thesesounds are very low in volume, and can typically only be detected by holding thedevice close to the ear.

How to Repair your eVic Head

Joyetech eCom converter to 510-eGo has more uses... Are your 510 threads on your MOD gone?We have a solution for this problem. To see the product Press here.

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