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ecig, flavors, dark, smoke, concentrate, 10ml, e1789-dasm

Dark Smoke Concentrate 10ml


Dark Smoke Concentrate     Notes: Please make sure you mix it with a base liquid before vaping. (Check product Specifications) ..

filters, &, drip, tips, drip, tip, ceramic, eagle, flat, e1890

Drip Tip Ceramic Eagle Flat


Drip Tip Ceramic Eagle Flat ..

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eCig Carto 510x

non, repairable, ecig, carto, 510x, e1089-18o

eCig Carto 510x




eCig Carto 510x This 510x dual coil cartomizer is a classic model, made by Smoktech with patent. The dual heating coils ensures the huger vapor. These cartomizers have much less chance of producing a burnt taste due to the dual individual coils bu..

stands, voltmeters, ecig, display, stand, 89, e2072

eCig Display Stand 89


eCig Display Stand 89 eCig Stand X89 holes for placing cartomizers and sampling e-liquids from plexiglass. ..

manhattan, project, flavors, flavour, manhattan, project, u-238, (10ml), e2389-utte

Flavour Manhattan Project U-238 (10ml)


Flavour Manhattan Project U-238 Discover our delicious interpretation of the Mojito. Refreshing Lemon a bit of Lime and Spearmint with an added mix of Melon and Papaya for an extra tropical feel. Notes: Please make sure you mix it with a&nbs..

coil, heads, jwell, bcs, strada, e1898

Jwell BCS Strada


Jwell BCS Strada Atomizer head Jwell BCS Strada in 0.5, 0.2ohm & Fiber freaks Ni200 Price is for one piece. ..

coil, heads, jwell, btc, air, e1895



Jwell BTC AIR BTC AIR versions   0.5Ohm: 12 W to 35W (recommended: 15W to 35W) 1.0Ohm: 12W to 30W (recommended: 15W to 25W) 1.6Ohm Ni200 Vertical Coil (Kanthal) Organic Cotton (Fiber Freaks) Pin: Gold plated Airflow : L..

coil, heads, jwell, wmax, 2, e1894

Jwell WMAX 2


Jwell WMAX 2 Atomizer head Jwell Jwell WMAX 2 1.8ohm. Price is for one piece. Compatible Tanks: Jwell Atlas mini Kanger EVOD Kanger Protank Kanger Protank mini Kanger Protank 2 Kanger Unitank Kanger Unitank mini ..

ecig, flavors, pop, collection, harbor, breeze, concentrate, 10ml, e2289-hbre

POP Collection - Harbor Breeze Concentra...


POP Collection - Harbor Breeze Concentrate 10ml Indulge in a perfect balance of tobacco aroma and fresh mint undertone, reminding you of that summer breeze blowing in from the sea in early summer. Notes: Please make sure you mix it with..

ecig, flavors, tobacco, ry4, concentrate, 10ml, e1189-torf

Tobacco RY4 Concentrate 10ml


Tobacco RY4 Concentrate Our RY4 Tobacco is a blended tobacco with a hint of chocolate and vanilla and a dash of caramel. It is a perfect for someone who is looking for a sweet tobacco flavour.   Notes: Please make sure you mix it wit..

fire, pistons, shake, &, vape, caliber, king, fire, pistons, 20ml/60ml, e2489-caki

Caliber King - Fire Pistons 20ml/60ml


Caliber King - Fire Pistons 20ml/60ml Butter and chocolate wrapping with baked sugary almonds. Scents of black sugar burnt and dry apricots in the center. For the first time we tried and married sweet tastes with Mexican tobaccos Isleta Pueblo Vir..

non, repairable, eleaf, gs, baby, atomizer, 2ml, e2894

Eleaf GS Baby Atomizer 2ml


Eleaf's GS Baby atomizer is made of stainless steel. It has an improved airflow system and uses the GS Air coils. GS Baby is designed to provide clean taste and great vapor production. It can be disassembled and assembled very quickly, which makes ..

non, repairable, eleaf, gs, basal, atomizer, 1.8ml, e2895

Eleaf GS Basal Atomizer 1.8ml


Eleaf's GS Basal atomizer is made of stainless steel. It has an improved airflow system and uses the GS Air coils. GS Basal is designed to provide clean taste and great vapor production. It can be disassembled and assembled very quickly, which make..

mod, sets, eleaf, istick, pico, baby, e2893

Eleaf iStick Pico Baby


Eleaf introduces the new, innovative iStick Pico Baby, which offers exceptional power and at the same time very small size. It has a magnetic mechanism that connects the atomizer very easily with the mod. The rotary locking system of the fire but..

coil, heads, innokin, scion, coil, 0.5, ohm, e2789

Innokin SCION Coil 0.5 Ohm


Ανταλλακτική αντίσταση για τον ατμοποιητή Innokin Scion 2. ..

ivg, nicotine, salts, ivg, nic, salt, rainbow, blast, 10ml, /, 20mg, e2890-0010-20s

IVG Nic Salt Rainbow Blast 10ml / 20mg


Inspired by your favourite sweets that will give you an amazing sour taste of mixed fruit candy...

non, repairable, jwell, atlas, mini, atomizer, e1893

Jwell Atlas Mini Atomizer


Jwell Atlas Atomizer The MINI ATLAS doesn't have to envy its big brother with its Coil WMAX2. This small Pyrex atomizer, 14mm in diameter, will fit perfectly to your eGo sized battery Product features Airflow Control Clearomizer: Top fi..

batteries, for, mods, keeppower, 26650, 5200mah, -, 12a, e2891

Keeppower 26650 5200mAh - 12A


Brand: Keeppower Model: 26650 Battery type: Li-ion Battery Min capacity: 5100mAh (manufacturer rated) Standard capacity: 5200mAh (manufacturer rated) Voltage: 3.7V Protective board: Yes Recommended charge current: 1~2A Max constant discharge ..

atomizer, parts, tesla, quad, twisted, coil, (1x5), e1989

Tesla QUAD TWISTED Coil (1x5)


Tesla QUAD TWISTED Coil (1x5) Set of 5 QUAD TWISTED coils from Tesla for use in repairable atomizers. Specifications AWG:28G*4 Wire Diameter: 0.32mm Premade Coil Resistance: 0.25 Ohm ..

atomizer, parts, vaporesso, target, pro, glass, tube, e2189

Vaporesso Target Pro Glass Tube


Vaporesso Target pro Glass Tube Diameter: 22 mm Height: 27.5 mm ..

cbd, flowers, &, hash, weedlove, gelato, flower, 1gr, e2989

Weedlove Gelato Flower 1gr


Α fantastic aroma of the best cannabis buds, with an appearance very similar to the worlds most famous crops. The terpenes aromas of this Legal Cannabis variety are clearly visible, giving the product an extremely pleasant fragrance. Pure CBD conce..

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