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NiteCore NL1665R 16340 650mAh


Li-ion rechargeable battery with built-in USB port for direct charging

  • Brand: Nitecore
  • Product Code: e3201
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Li-ion rechargeable battery with built-in USB port for direct charging. It has two options for charging:
- Charging from the built-in micro-USB port
- Charging by a charger
During charging from the built-in micro USB port, a red indicator light will remain lit.
When charging is completed, the red light will go out and the green light will light.
The battery is controlled by the built-in high performance protection circuit.

The external safety elements are:
1. It is equipped with nickel-plated steel protectors that ensure maximum resistance to falls, good electrical conductivity and resistance to oxidation. High strength plastic cover that protects against wear.
2. Fully covered by a durable metal housing that protects against friction

Technical Specifications:
- Type: NL1665R
- Capacity: 650mAh
- Voltage: 3.6V
- Weight: 19.1g
- Exit: 2A
- Length: 35mm
- Diameter: 16,6mm
Batteries do not have built-in short circuit and discharge / overload protection, so users should store and use them with extreme care and attention. We advise you not to store or transport them with other metal objects or electronic devices for your safety and to extend their lifespan.

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