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SteamPunk Mix & Vape Le Tabac 20ml/60ml


From the first to the last inhalation the harsh nature of tobacco dominates! With each exhale different, distinctive spice notes make their appearance, leaving a spicy aftertaste. Let its mysterious character haunt you!

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SteamPunk Mix & Vape Le Tabac 20/60ml

Her personality was a mystery, her origin controversial, what we certainly know is that she grew up in Nantes' slum... A tough neighborhood that taught her valuable lessons ... She loved smoking her favorite cigarettes ... opening her tobacco pouch we discovered a mixture of various local tobacco ... subtle notes of spices appear, leaving a spicy aftertaste… Let its mysterious character lure you in!

Fill 40ml with the e-liquid base of your choice and you will get 60ml of liquid easily and quickly.

  • Packaging: 60ml bottle
  • Maturation: 5 days
  • Content: 20ml (PG concentrate)
  • Origin: Greece

*ATTENTION: This product is not intended for immediate use.
It is a concentrated aroma and needs further processing and dissolution.

The new SteamPunk Flavor Shots range consists of 6 genuine tobacco flavors.
The package is 60ml chubby gorilla bottle and contains 20ml concentrate.

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